Quantitative Financial History

at Cornell University

About us

Welcome to the Quantitative Financial History Lab, led by Matthew Baron, Assistant Professor of Finance at Cornell University.

We are a group of researchers from finance and economics who work on quantitative financial history. Our research is funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), the Cornell Center for Social Sciences (CCSS), and the Governor's Woods Foundation.


  1. Banking Crises Database. We welcome you to visit our first major project, the historical Banking Crises Database, which is joint work of Matthew Baron (Cornell), Attila Balogh (Cornell), and Daniel Dieckelmann (European Central Bank).

  1. Bank equity data. You can also download bank and nonfinancial equity data (46 countries, 1870-2016), bank credit growth, and other data from our paper "Banking Crises without Panics" (with Emil Verner and Wei Xiong, Quarterly Journal of Economics, 2021).

  1. Individual Japanese stocks and balance sheets of leveraged intermediaries. You can download data from our paper "Intermediaries and Asset Prices: International Evidence since 1870" (with Tyler Muir, Review of Financial Studies, forthcoming)

  • Individual Japanese stocks, 1955-2000: prices, dividends, ownership, and other financial data.

  • Balance sheets of banks and securities firms in the U.S., U.K., and Japan over the period 1870-2016.

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Future plans

We plan to make other databases available soon:

    1. Balance sheets of all banks in 17 countries, 1870-2016 (with Moritz Schularick and Kaspar Zimmermann)

Learn more about us

Please visit our People page to learn more about the researchers in our group and collaborators at other institutions. If you have any questions or would like us to feature or host your historical financial data, please send an email to baron@cornell.edu.

Matthew Baron

Assistant Professor of Finance

Johnson Graduate School of Management, Cornell University

Email: baron@cornell.edu